Selling in Autumn?

Now that summer is well and truly over the days are getting colder and the sun doesn’t stay up as long. But what effect will it play on the real estate market in the Sutherland Shire?

It’s a question we are asked every change of season, the answer is; little to none. We are currently experiencing very strong buyer demand for properties in the Sutherland Shire. Houses, villa’s, townhouses and units up to 1.4 million dollars are in the highest demand.

If you are thinking of selling your home, now is a perfect time. As many other homeowners decide to go into ‘hibernation’ for the cooler months you have the advantage of less stock to compete with.

If you are concerned that your home may not be presented at it’s best in winter, you may be better off waiting until the warmer months, but it is still a good idea to call us down for a free no obligation opinion and we can determine the best selling scenario to guarantee you the highest possible sale price.