Selling in Winter? Is it as bad as it sounds?

Many people hesitate to sell their homes in winter, for many reasons they believe winter is a cold time for the real estate market as well as the weather, although some properties would present at their best in warmer conditions it certainly isn’t the case for all properties and here are some important points to consider

Fewer properties for sale
Typically there will be fewer homes for sale in the winter period, especially compared to spring, which is considered the peak of the market. But with so little homes and still such a large amount of buyers looking (or in some cases, ‘needing’) to buy the demand for your home in winter could be quite high.

Change the feeling of your home
Most home sellers are concerned that in winter their home won’t appeal because it lacks warmth or light. However this is a great opportunity to show off the heating in your home, the interior lighting and also increase buyer comfort. A buyer will be far more content walking into a comfortable, warm and well lit home in winter than an all windows opened sweat box in summer.

Some properties are winter homes
Homes with small yards and easy maintenance gardens, homes with separate rooms that aren’t open plan and north and east facing homes can all be sold easily in winter, if the buyers are going to be spending most of their time inside, or it is getting a good amount of sun, they are more favourable in winter than in other months.

Your agent may be more attentive
If the market is at its peak and your agent is managing more and more listings, they may not be able to show your home at specific times and their schedule will be limited, if they have fewer listings, that’s typical in winter, they can devote more time and attention to your home.