Spring is Here – The Season for Selling is Here

Can you believe it, spring is here. The weather will begin to warm up and the sun will stay up for longer, but what does this mean for the real estate market? Typically there will be a large surge of properties onto the market in spring and home owners can take advantage of a few things. Firstly, their home may appeal more to people in spring, especially if it has a pool, garden and gets good sunlight. Secondly, home owners may want to move before Christmas, especially if they want to upgrade and have been saving through the winter to afford it. Thirdly, people may want to capitalise on the high prices currently being achieved properties in the area. Whatever your reasons, there is no doubt spring is a good time to sell.

 What about buying? Spring is a good time to buy, there are lots of fresh properties on the market and the timing is perfect so you can have moved in and be settled by Christmas. Don’t be too concerned about paying a little more for a property in spring for the following reasons: Firstly, as more properties come on the market, more buyers will too, this doesn’t necessarily change how much you will be paying as the supply will meet the demand, as always. The other thing to remember is that when you sell and buy in the same market conditions, the pricing will be relative to previous market conditions, unless of course you’re going from a 1 bedroom unit to a 7 bedroom mansion waterfront. Not to say you won’t be paying more money for the property you buy, which as a result means more stamp duty, but you will also sell your current property for more than it may have been worth in previous market conditions.

So, you are ready to sell, what now? Do some research. With access to the internet in nearly all homes you should be establishing what has already sold around you, what is on the market around you and most importantly where you want to move. Next step is to call a respectable and diligent agent that knows your area, once again, do your research and don’t just pick the agent on the fridge magnet. Speak to agents, Google them, ask to see their recent sales catalogue and give you a DVD or Youtube address of recent client testimonials, ask them what experience they have in your street and how they can get you the highest price. You should also ask the agent what they think the property will need doing before it is marketed, they may suggest to tidy up the lawns, perhaps a lick of paint. Spending the time to present your home in paramount condition for the time it is on the market will pay great dividends for you, but in saying that don’t ever go to the extremes of doing full renovations or refurbishment to sell your home, you don’t know the taste of your buyer and your money spent isn’t guaranteed to be achieved in the sale price, you are better spending this money on your new home.

If you are going to use the advantage of the weather in spring to sell your home, just remember to make sure your home is presented neat, tidy and with the gardens and yard in immaculate condition, this is what buyers will be paying attention to. Remember the reasons you purchased the home. What made it stand out for you,? take advantage of those features and use the skill and knowledge of the agent to get the highest price possible.