The New Look! New Look Website, New Look Office

As you may have noticed, McDonald Partners office in Gymea had a major facelift just before Christmas, we decided to clean out the old and make way for the new which involved changing our colour scheme from the Green/Teal look we have had for nearly 20 years and heading for something bright, modern and crisp.

We put hundreds of hours into perfecting the colour, typeface and icon of our new brand and it was as much a reflection of the community as it is of our business, we wanted to smooth waves our our ‘M’ icon to look like the gentle waves that surround the Shire, the bright colour to represent the happy and welcoming community we live in and the smooth modern typeography to represent the Shire being a modern community.

Shire Values wasn’t excempt from a facelift either, we have now opted for a more modern magazine style layout with more images, easier to read text, more relatable articles and of course, an orange colour scheme. But it doesn’t stop there, Shire Values website has also been upgraded with access to more video content, easy to read blogs, mobile device access and what we are most excited about is we now give free access to sales prices for the Sutherland Shire to Shire Values subscribers through our Sales Database, this means if you see a house in your street, suburb or anywhere in the shire and want to know what it sold for, you just have to go to the Shire Values website, login with your details and you will have access to the sale price, and also comparible properties that have sold in your area. We provide the service free of charge and it is updated daily!

We hope you enjoy our new look, and look forward to your feedback.